Confirmation of VAT numbers of foreign companies

Mini series: all about the sales tax identification number – part 14

In this multi-part article series, we would like to introduce you to what a sales tax ID (VAT ID) is. In addition, we would like to cover interesting topics worth knowing about the topic of USt-ID and shed some light on the subject.

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Confirmation of VAT numbers of foreign companies

The VAT identification numbers of foreign companies can be checked on the homepage of the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt).

Electronic individual retrieval

An electronic retrieval can be made via the BZSt’s Internet form. There, companies can have the validity of foreign VAT registration numbers confirmed. The form can be accessed daily, between 05:00 and 23:00. The disadvantage of using the BZSt Internet form is that the VAT ID must be checked individually. Checking many VAT IDs is thus very time-consuming.

Form of the BZSt for the confirmation of foreign VAT ID numbers

Electronic collective / mass retrieval via interface

In addition, the BZSt offers an alternative via an XML-RPC interface as a supplement to the confirmation procedure via the Internet form. This is suitable for companies with many confirmation requests.

Through the so-called XML-RPC interface, companies are given the opportunity to integrate the verification of foreign VAT identification numbers (VAT ID numbers) into their own software systems and to query the VAT ID numbers. automatically.

The collective call-off via the XML-RPC interface of the BZSt cannot be used directly by the company. To be able to use it, the interface must be integrated into the company’s own merchandise management system or ERP system on its own. This requires appropriate programming skills.

The retrieval via the interface is possible daily, in the time between 05:00 and 23:00. The BZSt provides more detailed information on the topic page on the XML-RPC interface:

Information from the BZSt on the XML-RPC interface

Advantages of the confirmation procedure

The confirmation procedure makes it easier for German entrepreneurs to check their VAT ID and thus whether they are exporting to an entrepreneur registered in another EU member state at the time the service is rendered.

Faster collective retrieval of VAT IDs by the Optimus VAT ID checker

The Optimus VAT ID checker enables not only easier retrieval of individual VAT IDs, but also of any number of VAT identification numbers. The retrieval is done conveniently from Excel with just a few mouse clicks. For this purpose, the Optimus VAT ID checker can be seamlessly integrated into Excel.

Auditing large data sets with the Optimus VAT ID auditor

With good Excel integration, a large number of VAT IDs can be checked in a very short time. This is done by simply marking the VAT ID number to be checked. The check itself is performed automatically in the background by the Optimus VAT ID checker.

2 solutions in one: VAT ID checker and address data checker

In addition to the VAT ID check, the Optimus VAT ID checker also offers the option of checking the address data for foreign VAT IDs using an AI solution that is unique in this form. The VAT ID checker flags any discrepancies or errors.

Maintaining master data with the Optimus VAT ID checker

The Optimus VAT ID checker thus enables you to perform master data maintenance in addition to mass checking of your customers’ VAT IDs. You can thus correct discrepancies in your system in a timely manner.

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