Product comparison

Product comparison Excel vs Online checker

Excel Add-In

Online VAT ID checker

Windows Office Add-In
Online SaaS web application
Qualified confirmation
VAT ID mass check
Structured company data determination
Master data maintenance
PDF reports with digital signature
Unlimited inquiry quota
Verification of German VAT ID
Company data determination German VAT ID
Automatic test
Automatic monitoring
E-mail notification
DE and EN
DE Version for the German market
DE and EU version
REST API / SDK interface
Ab Enterprise
Ab Premium-API
License model
Examination number requests / year
Number of master data entries

FAQ - frequently asked questions

Can I use your software as a private consumer?

Our offer is aimed exclusively at business customers, therefore the offer does not apply to private consumers.

How long can I use the free trial version?

The free trial version is available for you to test without obligation for 14 days. Within the trial version you can insert up to 20 master data and create up to 10 qualified PDF reports.

How is my data protected?

As a German company, we are subject to the strict DSGVO requirements. After conclusion of the contract, we offer you a contract for order data processing that you can conclude with us. All data is transferred and stored encrypted on our server. Our servers are operated exclusively in German data centers with ISO 27001 and are subject to the strictest data protection regulations. 

Can I use your software for multiple companies

Theoretically, you can use the same access for several companies. However, this is complicated when handling the master data and your own VAT ID number. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase a separate account for each company. Alternatively, our Excel Add-In would be relevant for you in this case. If this is the case, please feel free to contact us. We will find a solution for you.

Is the software available around the clock?

In principle, you can use all functions of the auditor around the clock with the exception of the confirmation via the BZSt, which is usually not available from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. every day.

What happens when my exam quota is exhausted?

Regarding the quota, we are accommodating and as long as you do not exceed significantly, we will not restrict the function. It is in our interest that you have a smooth user experience with our software solutions.

Can German VAT ID numbers be confirmed qualified?

German VAT registration numbers cannot be queried in a qualified manner in the online confirmation procedure of the BZSt.

The purpose of the confirmation procedure is to make it easier for German entrepreneurs to check whether, at the time the service is provided, the supply or other service is made to an entrepreneur registered in another EU member state.

The entrepreneurial status of the “EU-foreign" service recipient must be proven in order to be able to treat a supply – if the other requirements are met – as tax-exempt.

In the case of other services, it is possible to shift the liability for tax to the recipient of the service by proving the entrepreneurial status of the “EU-foreign" recipient of the service.

Not sure which software variant or plan is best for you?

We are at your disposal at any time. Do not hesitate to contact us. Contact us with your wishes. Our team of experts will advise you competently and find the best solution for you. Of course free of charge and without obligation.