Fully electronic qualified confirmation for verification of VAT ID

Quick Fixes 2020

Since the 2020 VAT Quick Fixes, the verification of the VAT identification number (VAT ID) is of key importance. In particular, in order to claim tax exemption, it is imperative for businesses to verify and document the VAT ID of the purchaser.


If errors (e.g. incorrect VAT ID of the recipient) become known after the fact, they cannot be subsequently cured. Likewise, the result for claiming tax exemption for the company must be documented beyond doubt. Otherwise, the company is threatened with financial damage, as the tax exemption for intra-Community deliveries is not applicable in the case of an incorrect VAT ID.

Facilitating the verification of the VAT ID

Optimus Software offers with the USt-ID Verifier an ideal solution to securely and efficiently check a large number of VAT-IDs quickly and with little time expenditure by means of a qualified confirmation on a digital way.

Revision-proof digital qualified confirmation

A qualified confirmation can be requested immediately by digital means at the click of a mouse. In addition, it is possible to request a qualified confirmation from the Federal Central Tax Office.

The verification is uncomplicated via an Excel add-in. Likewise, we offer integration into existing ERP or merchandise management systems.

Free trial version

You can download a 7-day free trial version at optimussoftware.de. The trial period will end automatically after 7 days.

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